Spring Is Here & Hello Again

Spring Is Here & Hello Again

The transition into the Spring season is all around and it is powerful. I wrote a transitional post about a year ago and it is uncanny how I feel that the most natural thing for me now is to reemerge, just a short (ha!) 8 months after baby E arrived. During this time I’ve been immersed in the long season of new motherhood. I’ve slowly arrived to a place where my business can exist in balance with this new reality.

I wrote about Our Edible Garden last year and experiencing how it has evolved since then, through both the effort my husband has put into it and with the changing of the seasons, has encouraged reflection. Last weekend we planted all new seeds, along with starting a few seeds in our mini greenhouse of which some are sprouting. Baby E and I go out every day to check out what is different and we always find something new. What we have been particularly drawn to this month is the budding and blossoming fruit trees. She will lunge for the flowers and leaves and rub them between her fingers. I love witnessing how she experiences the seasons. In sync with this explosion of change, I am ready to return to my work and the blogosphere.

I’m excited to share that:

  1. In home cooking classes are being developed. The topic will change monthly, giving you the opportunity to delve into a particular culinary topic in the comfort of your cooking space. Invite your friends, these will be structured with the small group in mind (up to 5). Stay tuned for updates and send a message to let me know you are interested. Since my passion is to increase the ranks of home cooks and support them in this very valuable thing called cooking-at-home, the first class topic is Knife Skills: Tools and Techniques, where we will cover what every seasoned or brand new cook needs to know – the necessary tools, how to care for them and what to do with them. We will apply the new (or refreshed) skills to preparing and cooking a tasty meal together. And there will be surprises. I can’t wait! And if there is a topic you have been dying to cover, please let me know.  
  2. I am available to take on at least one more Personal Chef client, where I cook for you (& family) in your home. Learn more about this at Why a PC? & How it Works

On a more personal note, a friend told me that a mom’s brain shrinks! And since so much of my brain now focuses on my child, I guess there is less to use on other things.

Not fair.

So these days when I work a shift at Savory Kitchen or cook at a clients home, I write a post it note or two of things to bring and to do before leaving. Then I start gathering my things the night before. Yes, my good friend, advanced planning is my best friend. But more than organizing my to do list has been on my mind. With “Mom” as my newly minted job title, it is even more obvious that what I do is SO RELEVANT. No matter the details of your life, it is full, many times to the brim, but the need to feed ourselves never goes away. My planning consists of using a weekly chart to map out what we will be eating at each meal, an app that allows me to share items with relevant people, and Instacart. is. amazing. Because shopping with a baby… not always for the faint of heart. So how do you manage it all? Would love to hear your story.


Nectarine Tree in Full Bloom

  1. How wonderful to have you back in blogosphere, Alexandra, and to see you all so revived with new plans and activities! And you snapped your nectarine tree at a beautiful moment, which makes me very jealous as I was too late to picture mine in full blossom. Will keep on following you to see the fruits of all your hard work and new adventures.

  2. Yeah, harvest is good too!! 😉

  3. Yay! Welcome back! Like you, I am so energized by spring and all the new life popping up in my garden. Love that you have Baby E to share it with and through whose eyes you can see it anew!

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