Alexandra © Maria Colon Creative

Alexandra © Maria Colon Creative

My name is Alexandra and cooking, learning and talking about food are some of my favorite things. I studied Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of CA – LA and have worked in a few of the city’s top-notch restaurants. The pursuit of completing my undergrad education brought me to Northern California and love has kept me here. The food products that are grown, raised, made and produced here are amazing – there is such an abundance of beautiful product to work with, it is hard not to be inspired!

I quickly realized that working and providing healthy wholesome cooked meals while juggling the rest of your life is not that easy – and this is a trained chef talking! Factor in family, hobbies and anything else one may be up to and it doesn’t take long to see how convenience reigns king. I am a planner and creator by nature, so I tend to think ahead about recipes, grocery lists and when we are going to eat. Ultimately, eating a meal is one of the first things we do in our day.
Growing up with major Italian influences and then having the opportunity to learn the language, travel and live there – the difference between how Americans and Italians approach their meals struck a chord. Italians tend to use meal time to experience local products and connect with others and in the world of convenience and fast food, many Americans have forgotten what this means. I would love to discuss how personally planned and cooked meals can reconnect you with good-for-you, delicious food while enhancing the things that are important to you. Contact me!

I picked the sunflower to represent my work because it is beautiful, bright and responds to its surroundings – it represents life as I perceive it, and I strive to bring that plus more to the work I do.

GiraSole Sunflower