Why A Personal Chef?

Our day to day lives do not slow down or get less busy. A Personal Chef is a professional who takes on the task of cooking food from scratch for you and your family. Here are some ways a Personal Chef can benefit you:

1. The gift of time. Earn back at least 10 hours of your week back! What does time mean to you? Here are some responses I get when I ask people – maybe you can relate?

  • time to sleep
  • quality time with family and friends
  • time to take up a new hobby or project
  • time to do yoga once a┬áday
  • time to read more
  • time to workout

2. The opportunity to meet your health goals. With a professional who knows how to tailor meals, substitute ingredients and create phenomenol flavors, a Personal Chef can work with you to accomplish your goals.

  • weight loss
  • manage & improve health issues: cholesterol, blood sugar
  • improve sleep
  • increase energy levels
  • special diets
  • vegan
  • vegetarian

3. Improve the quality of your daily meals. A Personal Chef knows where and when to shop and so the ingredients used will be the best. Your meal will be just that: YOURS!, crafted to your specifications.

  • Don’t like a specific ingredient? You got it!
  • Want to have a certain ingredient used in every meal? Check!
  • Do you want a certain recipe made every week? No problem!
Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

Finished Dish

Finished Dish

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